Annapurna Interactive Showcase 2021 Watch Along With Game Informer

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While it whitethorn not person the AAA-clout of a Microsoft oregon Sony, steadfast Annapurna Interactive has been capable to construe its knowing of storytelling successful cinema and convert it for a much interactive audience. Whether you've realized it oregon not, the radical is liable for arguably immoderate of the champion indie games of the past fewer years, including Florence, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Kentucky Route Zero, to sanction a few. But present it feels similar the steadfast is conscionable getting started with a precise breathtaking slate of caller indies conscionable astir the corner.

This brings america to today. Annapurna Interactive is hosting its 2021 integer showcase, and we're going to beryllium determination with you live! The amusement kicks disconnected astatine 2 p.m. CT, but we'll beryllium starting the amusive 15 minutes earlier to sermon what we're excited to spot from the day's announcements and trailers. But who's we, and wherefore should you tune in? We've assembled an breathtaking duo of Alex Stadnik and Dan Tack for the day's festivities, truthful we anticipation you'll articulation america implicit connected Twitch!

In a refreshing alteration of pace, we bash cognize immoderate of the games we'll beryllium seeing today. Stray, the crippled wherever you play arsenic an adorable cat successful a cybernetic city, is yet acceptable to marque different appearance, and we can't hold to find retired what precisely this crippled is. Developer Heart Machine has besides tweeted that fans of the upcoming Solar Ash won't privation to miss today's showcase, truthful it's harmless to presume we'll beryllium seeing much from 1 of my astir anticipated indies of the year. Combine those games with looks astatine Neon White, The Artful Escape, and hopefully immoderate surprises connected the way, and we should beryllium successful for 1 hellhole of an breathtaking ride. 

Excited astir today's showcase? If you emotion each things Annapurna, we person you covered, arsenic our ain Liana Ruppert precocious reviewed the publisher's latest title, Last Stop. If that's your jam, she besides wrote a companion portion discussing the doctrine down the game that shouldn't beryllium missed for those funny successful diving in.

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