Apex Legends Season 10: Seer’s Abilities Explained

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We’ve been talking astir Apex Legends Season 10 and its caller character, Seer, since earlier this month. We’ve seen a bevy of trailers that delve into his backstory arsenic a cursed kid arsenic good arsenic gameplay footage that shows immoderate of his mystical powers successful action. But what tin Seer really do; what is his passive, tactical, and ultimate? Respawn’s latest character-focused trailer yet gave america the answers to these questions. Here is Seer’s kit explained:

Heartseeker (Passive)

Seer is joining a tiny enactment of recon legends that see Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Crypto, and Valkyrie. What separates the newest quality from his contemporaries is however effectual helium emerges arsenic a tracker. While aiming, Seer tin actively spot and perceive the heartbeats of his enemies wrong a 75m radius. Like Bloodhound’s scan, opponents tin beryllium seen done walls and different structures. So beryllium definite to ticker your corners arsenic you traverse compounds; Seer could beryllium waiting astir the country with a pre-aimed Mastiff shotgun.

Focus of Attention (Tactical)

Tactical abilities have ne'er been known to outright termination adversaries, but their moment-to-moment implementation successful heady firefights tin easy make triumph conditions erstwhile utilized astatine opportune times. Seer’s Focus of Attention is peculiarly devastating. It mightiness not harm wellness pools, but it tin override actions similar healing yourself and reviving downed teammates which, arguably, is conscionable arsenic terrifying. Drones look from the heart-shaped jewel lodged successful Seer’s thorax and blasts each different teams successful the vicinity, revealing and interrupting them.  

Exhibit (Ultimate)

We’ve seen this successful enactment countless times, but present we cognize precisely what Seer’s ultimate, Exhibit, does. A ample holographic bubble is formed - it seems arsenic if this mightiness person the imaginable to wholly broad an full constituent of involvement - and each players that determination “heavily” done it (e.g., sprinting) are instantly highlighted for Seer and his team. Can you ideate what benignant of chaos could beryllium catalyzed successful last circles with Exhibit activated? Only clip volition archer however Seer fits into the existent meta and if his beingness mightiness go a communal occurrence successful nationalist arsenic good arsenic ranked matches. 

Now that we person names and nonstop explanations for Seer’s kit, what bash you deliberation astir Apex Legends’ 18th character? 

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