Audio-Driven Adventure Game The Vale: Shadow of the Crown Launches In August

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If you’re looking for an acquisition you don’t often spot successful games, however astir an escapade you don’t “see” astatine all? The Vale: Shadow of the Crown is an audio-only enactment RPG arriving this August that we archetypal laid ears connected astatine PAX West 2019. By controlling a unsighted warrior, you’ll embark connected a medieval quest guided lone by dependable for an escapade dissimilar immoderate other. 

You play arsenic a royal noble, calved blind, who is second-in-line to the crown. Unfortunately, your older member conscionable ascended to the throne and banished you from the kingdom due to the fact that he’s benignant of a jerk. You’re each unsocial successful a satellite you can’t spot truthful you indispensable usage your remaining senses to conflict enemies and find resources to enactment alive.

So however bash you play thing you can’t see? To the astonishment of nary one, headphones are a must. The Vale combines binural audio tech with divers soundscapes to supply realistic, 3D situation dependable to usher you done environments. The crippled besides features afloat voice-acting to further assistance players and support them connected track. Besides offering a unsocial signifier of exploration, The Vale offers a fantastic enactment for visually impaired players. 

The crippled features a implicit combat strategy arsenic you’ll conflict a assortment of enemies and adjacent bosses. Again, you’ll trust connected dependable to find precisely erstwhile to onslaught oregon defend. The Vale is inactive an RPG, truthful you’ll amended your quality by equipping sets of armor and larn upgradable magic spells. You’ll besides acquisition caller items from vendors oregon stitchery ingredients by hunting animals. 

The Vale packs successful 20 locations, conscionable arsenic galore broadside quests, and dozens of audio cutscenes into a 5+ hr adventure. If you’re down to effort thing wholly different, it launches August 19 for Xbox One and PC via Steam and There's besides a free Steam demo you tin effort to spot if The Vale is for you. The crippled volition motorboat connected the Epic Games Store a abbreviated clip later. 

What bash you deliberation of The Vale: Shadow of the Crown? Are you consenting to play an audio-only enactment RPG? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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