Bennett blasts Broncos after making 10th GF

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Wayne Bennett lashed the Brisbane Broncos, saying his erstwhile nine undermined him successful his pursuit for the South Sydney job, aft guiding the Rabbitohs to their 2nd expansive last successful 8 years.

South Sydney became the archetypal squad done to the 2021 decider with a 36-16 triumph implicit Manly but the absorption shifted to Bennett's disfigured exit from the Broncos aft the maestro manager qualified for his tenth expansive final.

Sitting adjacent to skipper Adam Reynolds, who volition articulation Brisbane adjacent season, Bennett spent 15 minutes with the media aft full-time and couldn't assistance taking a changeable astatine his aged club.

The 71-year-old said the Broncos "undermined" him during his divided from Red Hill to articulation Souths astatine the extremity of 2018.

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"I volition accidental publically that they [Brisbane] undermined maine successful the conversations with Souths," Bennett said.

"So they didn't bash a small occupation connected maine they did the champion imaginable occupation they could person done connected me.

"But to Souths' recognition determination were immoderate radical determination that had worked with maine earlier and they were blessed to wound the slug and springiness maine the opportunity.

"I beryllium Russell Crowe [Rabbitohs co-owner] and hopefully contiguous determination is immoderate repayment successful what the squad has done that means truthful overmuch to him.

"And the president Nick Pappas arsenic good has been fantastic and each the committee truthful I person had tremendous enactment determination and it has been refreshing to beryllium honest.

"The past 3 years person been arsenic refreshing a 3 years arsenic I person had successful coaching for a agelong time."

Wayne had the past laugh. (NRL)

Bennett, who is celebrated for his abbreviated and crisp property conferences, was asked if helium felt vindication due to the fact that the Broncos thought helium was washed up.

"They felt a batch of things," Bennett said.

"I wasn't listening to them due to the fact that I person spent a beingness being honorable with myself and if I thought I was washed up arsenic a manager I wouldn't manager different time due to the fact that I would fto excessively galore radical down.

"And I'll find that. No 1 is going to find that for me. So thing has changed for me.

"If I privation to manager I volition look to manager and marque a contribution. I learned that arsenic a young manager astir erstwhile you should discontinue and erstwhile you shouldn't discontinue due to the fact that I worked with a manager that didn't person the ambition anymore and the passionateness for it.

"But I'm not astatine that stage."

If Bennett tin assertion different expansive last triumph - it would beryllium his eighth - and would marque him the archetypal manager since Tim Sheens successful 2005 to bash truthful aft being sacked by their erstwhile club.

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