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Friday: A usher to Golden State athletes successful Tokyo and upcoming competitions to support an oculus on.

July 30, 2021, 8:49 a.m. ET


Katie Ledecky’s roadworthy  to Olympic golden  took her done  Stanford.
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Surfing and skateboarding, sports with roots successful California, person made their splashy debuts this twelvemonth astatine the Olympics. And true to form, California athletes person besides made rather a showing astatine the Games truthful far.

Of the 613 athletes competing from the United States, much than 1 successful 5 are from California, according to the Census Bureau. That does not see the dozens much who did not turn up present but competed for California assemblage teams, specified arsenic Stanford, which according to 1 adept has sent much athletes to the Olympics than immoderate different university.

The California contingent successful Tokyo — including radical who unrecorded present oregon attended assemblage present — has helped the United States triumph 13 of its 41 medals arsenic of Thursday evening. Florida tin truthful acold assertion 11 medals this year, portion astir states person lone a mates to their name.

The Olympic Games are lone halfway through, and determination are inactive tons of events coming up wherever California athletes tin shine. Here’s a rundown of immoderate of the notable wins arsenic good upcoming competitions. All times, of course, are Pacific:

  • For the archetypal clip successful 13 years, softball returned to the Olympic stage. Ten of the 15 players connected the U.S. team, which took location a metallic medal, were from California. Pitcher Monica Abbott is from Salinas and catcher Aubree Munro is from Brea.

  • Kelsey Plum, from Poway successful San Diego County, helped the U.S. gain a golden medal for women’s three-on-three basketball, which made its Olympic debut this year.

  • A three-person dressage squad won the U.S. a metallic medal, its champion decorativeness since 1948. Sabine Schut-Kery is from Thousand Oaks, and Steffen Peters is from San Diego.

  • Swimming races diagnostic plentifulness of California assemblage stars, but possibly nary 1 is arsenic well-known arsenic Katie Ledecky, a Stanford grad who gained 3 Olympic medals this twelvemonth for a full of 9 implicit her career. Ryan Murphy, Katie McLaughlin and Abbey Weitzeil, each of whom swam for U.C. Berkeley, besides won medals successful Tokyo.

  • Golf: Two Southern California golfers, Xander Schauffele and Collin Morikawa, are disconnected to beardown starts truthful far. The men’s golden medal lucifer starts connected Saturday astatine 3:30 p.m.

    Danielle Kang, who attended Pepperdine University and went to precocious schoolhouse successful Thousand Oaks, is competing arsenic 1 of the top-ranked golfers successful the world. The women’s golden medal lucifer airs connected Aug. 7 astatine 11:30 p.m.

  • Women’s formation volleyball: April Ross, a three-time Olympian of Costa Mesa, and Alix Klineman, of Manhattan Beach, marque a promising duo. The golden medal lucifer airs connected Aug. 5 astatine 7:30 p.m.


Credit...Alexandra Garcia/The New York Times
  • Track and field: Allyson Felix, a L.A. native, already has 9 Olympic medals to her name. Just 1 much would springiness her much than immoderate pistillate Olympic way and tract jock successful history.

    Felix has 3 chances for different medal this year, since she’s moving the 400-meter contention and could besides vie successful 2 relays. The finals of the 400-meter dash aerial Aug. 6 astatine 5:35 p.m.

  • Water polo: Make definite you support an oculus connected what is indisputably the astir California-dominated sport. Twenty-six players marque up the U.S. men’s and women’s h2o polo teams — 25 are from California oregon attended assemblage here.

    The women’s golden medal lucifer is connected Aug. 7 astatine 12:30 a.m. The men’s is Aug. 8 astatine 12:30 a.m.

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Compiled by Jordan Allen and Mariel Wamsley

  • After a little respite this week, during which immoderate Californians saw rainfall for the archetypal clip successful months, the state’s vigor grid operators are again urging residents to conserve power arsenic temperatures climb.

  • Facing a persistent drought and changeless hazard of wildfire, winemakers successful Northern California effort to navigate caller challenges brought connected by clime change.

  • Around 1,500 employees walked retired of Activision Blizzard’s Santa Monica bureau this week pursuing a authorities suit filed against the company. Employees are calling for executives to instrumentality intersexual harassment earnestly amid accusations of a “frat boy” workplace culture.

  • In a caller ranking, San Francisco was named the champion metropolis successful the federation to spell carless.

  • The Los Angeles Unified School District announced connected Thursday that all in-person students and employees volition beryllium required to person play Covid tests, careless of vaccination status, according to The Los Angeles Times. The district, which had antecedently upheld this regularisation lone for those who are unvaccinated, says the argumentation alteration is due to the fact that of the emergence of the Delta variant.

  • A Huntington Beach edifice warns that it volition service lone unvaccinated customers, reports The New York Daily News. The aforesaid restaurant, portion defying Covid-19 regulations past year, accepted loans from the national authorities to assistance businesses affected by the pandemic, The Press-Enterprise reports.

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