CNN’s Gangel: It Must Have Been Excruciating For Trump to Hear Heroic Cops Bash Him and His Supporters [VIDEO]

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At this clip past year, Donald Trump was inactive successful bureau and was the nominal caput of the Republican party. Now that he’s retired of office, though, helium is inactive afloat successful power of the GOP. And the enactment is focused connected making definite Trump is protected and ne'er blamed for anything.

Tuesday was a pugnacious time for the GOP. Despite hopeless attempts from Kevin McCarthy to sabotage the 1/6 Insurrection panel, it began today. And McCarthy didn’t adjacent person weaponry throwers similar Jim Banks and Jim Jordan to marque a mockery of the hearing.

Instead, the 4 constabulary officers were capable to archer their afloat stories which painted Trump and his terroristic supporters successful an atrocious light. CNN’s Jamie Gangel explained wherefore this indispensable person been excruciating for the erstwhile president.

The CNN newsman began, “Donald Trump is not happy. What happened contiguous is what helium didn’t privation to happen. He did not privation immoderate committee, and to your point, helium didn’t person Jim Jordan oregon immoderate different allies determination warring backmost oregon pushing back.”

Gangel continued, “It besides was devastating due to the fact that 4 policemen successful uniform, 4 heroes, sat determination and successful devastating, excruciating detail, talked astir however Donald Trump supporters were racist, were violent, were trying to halt democracy. This was a atrocious time for Donald Trump.”

At 1 point, Republicans were successful power of the White House, House and Senate and could amended support Trump. That is going to get overmuch much hard to bash implicit the adjacent twelvemonth and a half.

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