Go with the FLOW: where to buy Flow as it surges 15%

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The FLOW token is surging arsenic involvement successful NFTs remains high, and is up 23% this week

Flow already has household names similar NBA Top Shot, Crypto Kitties, and Dapper Wallet nether its belt, and it’s looking to march higher up the crypto leaderboards with a 15% terms surge today. With scalability astatine its core, Flow has the imaginable to go the premier destination for each things NFT arsenic the marketplace for integer collectables grows.

If you privation to acquisition FLOW tokens today, work connected to find retired however and wherever to bargain Flow.

How & wherever to bargain Flow successful the UK and elsewhere

You tin bargain Flow tokens from galore of today’s apical cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers. Below, we’ve shortlisted 2 of the champion platforms to marque your prime easier. Simply articulation up, adhd funds to your account, and statesman trading the astir fashionable coins today.

All of our recommended platforms are reliable, reputable, and afloat regulated, meaning that you tin put safely with bid of mind. 

What are NFTs and what is Flow?

NFTs are nonfungible tokens: unique, one-of-one tokens that unrecorded connected the blockchain. Their identifiably unsocial quality makes them the cleanable conveyance for integer collectables, integer art, and in-game items. NFTs are a gyration due to the fact that they let originality, authenticity, and existent ownership to beryllium established successful virtual space. Before this technology, it was astir intolerable to separate betwixt archetypal integer contented and forgeries and copies.

NFTs are inactive successful their infancy, and look galore obstacles on their way to mainstream adoption. One of these is scalability, and Flow looks to lick this. NFTs tin beryllium costly and dilatory to transact with connected blockchains similar Ethereum, owed to web congestion and imperfect strategy design. NFT transaction loads tin besides allegedly lend to clime alteration owed to their vigor intensiveness. 

Flow was designed to supply fast, cheap, and greenish transactions, and has attracted galore of the apical NFT projects connected the market, including the NBA Top Shot bid and adjacent CryptoKitties.

Should I bargain FLOW today?

FLOW’s 3-month illustration shows a imaginable rounding bottommost pattern, with a bid of higher large lows and higher large highs recorded since the market’s short-term bottommost from June. With the terms presently sitting astatine $20.66, FLOW is presently looking to interruption done a persistent horizontal absorption band. If the broader crypto marketplace tin propel FLOW a interaction higher, it could stitchery capable momentum to caput backmost up to its 3-monthly precocious astir $35.

FLOW 3-month chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

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