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It's Halo time, baby! The archetypal Halo Infinite Flight Test is present live, and we've got that Spartan spirit! We are acceptable to stone retired with our caller Pulse Carbines out. To footwear disconnected the investigating play for Master Chief's latest adventure, we present at Game Informer are diving each successful to marque the Halo assemblage proud. Join us, won't you, for a peculiar two-hour watercourse portion we dive close into immoderate multiplayer action. 

The Halo Infinite Flight Test is the archetypal of respective aboriginal entree periods 343 is hosting earlier the game's motorboat aboriginal this year. This peculiar investigating play offers a archetypal look astatine multiplayer with conscionable 1 map. Unfortunately, it's against bots, which would marque america losing each the much embarrassing. Which, really, if you deliberation astir it, conscionable gives you much crushed to watch! Make amusive of us, cheer america on, dealer's choice. 

Join Alex Stadnik, John Carson, and Liana Ruppert arsenic they cheque retired Halo Infinite for the archetypal time. You tin find america connected our YouTube and Twitch channels to articulation successful connected the amusive unrecorded starting astatine 2 p.m. CT. Join successful connected the conversation, speech astir your favourite Master Chief moments, wherever you privation to spot the franchise spell next, and amusement Craig the Brute immoderate huffy love. Just remember: this is simply a multiplayer-only Flight Test, truthful we won't beryllium streaming immoderate of the story, but we volition beryllium talking astir the unsocial weapons that the caller crippled brings, so if you're funny - each are welcome! 

Also included successful the Flight Test is the quality to play astir with the Battle Pass a small bit. The Battle Pass is optional and will, similar most, see cosmetic options. That being said, 343 has confirmed that it will only offer cosmetic options and thing that could beryllium interpreted arsenic supporting a pay-to-win model. Unlike most, however, it won't beryllium a time-sensitive feature. For example, similar Destiny 2's, others are lone disposable for a limited-time-only, which means the cosmetic options disposable vanish successful the void; Infinite's ne'er expires. Players tin instrumentality arsenic overmuch clip arsenic they privation connected each Battle Pass, adjacent purchasing older ones if they travel into the crippled early. While you tin lone advancement done 1 Battle Pass astatine a time, determination is not a clip bounds placed upon them. 

To larn much astir the upcoming 343 Industries shooter, cheque retired our dedicated Halo Infinite hub here. We've got gameplay, updates, and unthinkable wrong looks from the workplace itself. 

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