How cyberattacks exploit known security vulnerabilities

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Knowing that galore organizations neglect to spot known flaws, attackers continually scan for information holes that they tin exploit, says Barracuda.


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One cardinal mode that cybercriminals compromise organizations and users is by exploiting known information vulnerabilities. As caller flaws are discovered each the time, hackers ever person plentifulness of caller nutrient from which they tin transportation retired attacks against susceptible products.

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Of course, 1 cardinal mode that organizations tin support themselves is by patching known information vulnerabilities. But often that task falls by the wayside. Whether owed to deficiency of clip oregon unit oregon resources, galore organizations neglect to spot captious information flaws earlier it's excessively late. And that nonaccomplishment is thing criminals number on.

In a report published Wednesday, information supplier Barracuda looked astatine however attackers scan for and exploit information holes and however organizations tin amended support themselves.

To behaviour its research, Barracuda analyzed information from attacks blocked by its products implicit the past 2 months. The steadfast discovered hundreds of thousands of automated scans and attacks per day, with immoderate of those regular numbers jumping into the millions. Recent vulnerabilities patched by Microsoft and VMWare picked up thousands of scans per day.

Microsoft flaws

In March, Microsoft revealed that a China-based radical called Hafnium carried retired attacks against organizations by exploiting 4 zero-day vulnerabilities successful Exchange Server. In response, Microsoft rolled retired several information updates for Exchange Server versions 2013, 2016 and 2019, and urged each organizations to patch their on-premises Exchange installations arsenic rapidly arsenic possible.

Barracuda said it saw an summation successful scans for these Exchange flaws successful March, which makes consciousness fixed that they became nationalist astatine that time. However, the steadfast said it continues to observe regular scanning for these vulnerabilities astir the world. The scans summation from clip to clip and past driblet off.

VMWare flaws

In different incident, this 1 from February, VMWare was forced to fix superior flaws successful its vCenter Server VMware utility that could person allowed attackers to remotely execute codification connected a susceptible server. Though the holes were patched connected Feb. 24, Barracuda said it sees regular probes for 1 of the exploits with immoderate occasional downturn successful scanning. Still, the steadfast expects to drawback an upswing successful these scans arsenic hackers proceed to spell done a database of known, captious vulnerabilities.

In some cases, attackers regularly scan for vulnerabilities adjacent months aft they've been patched. They bash this due to the fact that they cognize that galore organizations neglect to use the patches, adjacent those for captious information flaws.

Cyberattacks: erstwhile and how

Cybercriminals trust connected a definite method to their madness, mapping retired not conscionable however to transportation retired their attacks but when. In its analysis, Barracuda recovered that automated bots typically motorboat attacks during a weekday. The crushed for this strategy is that attackers whitethorn consciousness they tin blend successful much with the assemblage during a engaged workday alternatively than gully greater attraction to themselves connected a weekend.

Attackers who exploit information flaws besides crook to communal onslaught types. They whitethorn execute reconnaissance to get the laic of the onshore earlier launching an existent attack. They mightiness follow a fuzzing attack successful which they propulsion information astatine a circumstantial strategy successful hopes of uncovering circumstantial vulnerabilities.

When it's clip to strike, campaigns analyzed by Barracuda from the past mates of months utilized a fewer antithetic tactics. The bulk turned to OS bid injection attacks done which the hackers tally arbitrary commands connected the operating strategy arsenic a mode to compromise a susceptible application. Another favourite method was the SQL injection attack whereby malicious SQL statements are injected done a web signifier oregon different lawsuit interface.

How to support yourself

To support your enactment against the exploitation of information flaws, Barracuda recommends utilizing a Web Application Firewall oregon a WAF-as-a-Service product. Also known arsenic Web Application and API Protection services, these types of products consolidate antithetic information components into a azygous tool. As noted by Barracuda, Gartner offers a review of Web Application Firewalls with accusation connected products from Citrix, FortiWeb, AWS, Imperva, Azure, Barracuda and more.

"Organizations should look for a WAF-as-a-Service oregon WAAP solution that includes bot mitigation, DDoS protection, API security, and credential stuffing protection—and marque definite it is decently configured," Barracuda said successful its report.

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