How to attend Black Hat USA 2021 and DEF CON 29 virtually

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DEF CON 29 sold retired of virtual passes, truthful tuning successful connected Twitch and Discord are the champion options for attending online this year.


Hackers and information experts person virtual, in-person and hybrid options for attending Black Hat USA 2021 and DEF CON 29 this year. Organizers are expecting astir 5,000 radical astatine the associated in-person events successful Las Vegas. There are inactive in-person and virtual tickets near for Black Hat but virtual tickets for DEF CON are sold out.

Training sessions astatine Black Hat spell July 31 to Aug. 3, and the main league is Aug. 4 and 5. DEF CON runs from Aug. 5 to 8.

Black Hat has 2 ways to be this year: in idiosyncratic and virtually. The virtual walk is astir 60% of the outgo of the in-person ticket. If you privation to tune successful to the online sessions, the terms is $1,195 until July 29. Last-minute summons buyers volition wage $1,295 to be aft that.

For virtual summons holders, Briefings, Arsenal and the Business Hall volition instrumentality spot connected the Swapcard Virtual Event Platform. Speakers volition beryllium disposable for questions aft the sessions, and virtual summons holders volition person 30 days aft the lawsuit to rewatch sessions and Briefings. People who acquisition in-person tickets besides volition person entree to the recorded sessions. This video tutorial explains how to navigate a virtual lawsuit via Swapcard.

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Black Hat USA 2021 Trainings volition beryllium taught unrecorded online via Zoom but not recorded. 

All the grooming sessions are online. There are two-day programs arsenic good arsenic 4 time sessions. Courses screen 14 topics including appsec, forensics, hardware, Internet of Things, mobile and pentesting. There are classes astatine each acquisition level from beginner to advanced, and a fewer sessions are already full. The outgo ranges from $3,000 to $3,400, and a fewer sessions are already full.  

You tin travel activities astatine Black Hat via the hashtags #BHUSA and #BHTrainings.

Masks are recommended astatine Black Hat USA 2021 and required astatine DEF CON 29. DEF CON attendees volition person to amusement impervious of vaccination arsenic well.

Virtual options astatine DEF CON 29

Virtual badges for DEF CON 29 sold retired successful mid-July. There's inactive the enactment to bargain a summons onsite, though determination is simply a constricted fig of those tickets.

In-person DEF CON 29 badges travel with a codification that unlocks the "Human Plus" relation for entree to the event's Discord Server. The Discord transmission hosts the online events of DEF CON 29 and assorted different online events passim the year.

There's besides an enactment to purchase a Human Plus role to entree further permissions and entree successful the Discord channel. The walk is $20 and disposable directly connected the Discord server

AI Village astatine DEF CON 29 is simply a bully enactment if you don't person the fund for a ticket. The AI Village astatine DEF CON 29 is simply a spot wherever experts successful artificial intelligence and information tin sermon the usage and misuse of artificial quality successful accepted security. Several sessions from the in-person, three-day lawsuit volition beryllium streamed connected Twitch. There is besides a Discord transmission for the village. The AI Village lawsuit is Friday, Aug. 6 done Sunday, Aug. 8. The group's extremity is to amended people connected the usage and maltreatment of AI, and these are a fewer of the sessions that volition beryllium livestreamed

  • Trailblazing the AI for Cybersecurity Discipline: Overview of the Field and Promising Future Directions
  • Identifying Excel 4.0 Macro strains utilizing Anomaly Detection
  • Risks of ML Systems successful Health Care: The Real Story
  • Loss Is More! Improving Malware Detectors by Learning Additional Tasks

Villages astatine DEFCON 29 are a premix of in-person, hybrid and virtual this year, with 17 virtual-only groups, including:

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