How to clean up your Gmail inbox with this mass delete trick

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Is your Gmail inbox filled to overflowing with emails you've already read? Want to wide delete them? Jack Wallen shows you how.

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I thin to cod email similar immoderate mightiness cod Star Wars enactment figures. OK, that's not a cleanable analogy due to the fact that mostly I cod email due to the fact that I deliberation I mightiness request it later, but ne'er do. That mostly equates to maine having mode excessively galore emails sitting successful my inbox, astir of which I've work and don't request anymore. 

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And that tin origin problems, particularly successful the Gmail mobile application. When you person thousands (or tens of thousands) of emails, the Gmail app hunt relation tin get bogged down. Because of that, I thin to spell destruct the occupation each fewer months (or each year, erstwhile I get excessively engaged and hide the full "every fewer months" thing). 

The occupation with the Gmail app is there's nary casual mode to bash a wide delete. Even erstwhile you effort with the web-based version, you'll find you tin lone prime 100 emails astatine a time. When your inbox is overflowing, that's not a bully capable option. 

So, what bash you do? I'm going to amusement you a useful instrumentality for wide deletion. Unfortunately, this lone works connected web-based Gmail. The bully quality is that your mobile Gmail app volition convey you for taking attraction of this.

What you'll need

The lone happening you request is simply a Google account. Of course, you'll besides request an inbox filled with antecedently work emails that you don't request to keep. That's important here: If you person definite emails that you request to keep, either people them arsenic unread oregon determination them to different folder, different they volition beryllium deleted. 

You've been warned.

How to wide delete successful Gmail

Open Gmail and benignant is:read successful the hunt bar. At this point, you should lone spot those emails you person already work (or astatine slightest the archetypal 100). With your work email connected display, cheque the container (Figure A) to prime each of the messages. 

Figure A


Make definite to prime each unread messages.

If you person a ton of unread messages, you volition person lone selected the archetypal 100 (because... Google). To prime each of those unread messages, you indispensable click the Select All Conversations That Match This Search nexus (Figure B). Note: This nexus volition lone look if you person much than 100 unread messages. 

Figure B


Make definite to prime each of your work emails (not conscionable the archetypal 100).

One connection of warning: If you spot an email listed (after selecting each unread emails) that you don't privation to beryllium deleted, if you uncheck it you volition revert the Select each conversations that lucifer this hunt option. In different words, you request to marque definite you've collected those work emails you privation to prevention into a antithetic folder (or marked them arsenic unread) earlier going done this. Now, we request to delete each of those work emails by clicking the Trash icon (Figure C).

Figure C


The Trash icon is the farthest connected the right.

After clicking the Trash icon, you'll beryllium prompted to OK the bulk delete of the work email. Click OK and each 1 of those work emails volition beryllium sent to the trash. Depending connected however galore work emails you are deleting, this tin instrumentality immoderate time. In the end, you'll person a overmuch cleaner Gmail inbox.

And that's however you wide delete email successful Gmail. Enjoy that reclaimed abstraction and much businesslike Gmail app search.

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