How to enable themed icons in Android 12

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Material You is simply a caller planetary theming motor for Android, and the 3rd beta merchandise extends that plan strategy to icons. Jack Wallen shows you however to alteration themed icons.

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Material You is the UX reboot Android has needed for a precise agelong time. With Material Design looking outdated, Google decided to yet use a caller overgarment to the UI. And, boy, did it succeed. Material You is simply a spectacular instrumentality connected the mobile interface. One of the astir absorbing features to travel with this reboot is however the planetary taxable is dynamically based connected immoderate location surface wallpaper you've set. So if your wallpaper is precise blue-centric, your taxable volition travel that colour scheme. If that representation includes a batch of green, past greenish it is.

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But the Material You dynamic theming doesn't conscionable use to widgets and app interfaces. As of Android 12 beta 3, that dynamic strategy extends to icons. With this caller feature, you'll find monochrome icons that present lucifer the planetary Material You theme. It's really rather a fantastic summation to the caller theming motor and should delight anyone who's connected committee with Material You.

Before I amusement you however to alteration this feature, cognize that not each app has a Material You-ready icon. All of the Google apps enactment with the feature, arsenic bash immoderate third-party applications. I'm guessing it won't beryllium until the last merchandise of Android 12 that astir each applications volition enactment with the themed icon feature.

Let's get those dynamic icons enabled.

What you'll need

As Material You is lone disposable successful Android 12, you indispensable person the latest beta merchandise connected your device. Find retired however to instal Android 12 beta connected supported phones successful "How to get the Android 12 beta."

Let's alteration those themed icons.

How to alteration themed icons

Long-press the location surface of your Android 12 device. In the resulting paper (Figure A), pat Wallpaper & Style. 

Figure A


The long-press paper from the Android 12 location screen.

Scroll to the bottommost of the resulting leafage and pat the On/Off slider for Themed icons until it's successful the On presumption (Figure B).

Figure B


Enabling the themed icons enactment successful Android 12 connected a Pixel 4.

Once enabled, you'll spot the caller monochrome icons are re-themed to lucifer the planetary UI (Figure C).

Figure C


The non-themed icons are connected the near and the themed icons connected the close for comparison.

Will this caller diagnostic marque you much productive with your Android device? No. But it is yet different measurement guardant for the Android interface and helps bring Material Design into the modern property of mobile interfaces.

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