How to monitor your Linux server performance with Netdata

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Jack Wallen has discovered a fantastic Linux show show that is casual to usage and gives you each the accusation you request astatine a glance. Here's however to instal and usage Netdata.

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Every information halfway admin understands the value of monitoring servers. Things spell wrong, and erstwhile they do, administrators request to beryllium connected apical of things. That's wherefore each bully admin is ever connected the lookout for a bully monitoring tool. And Linux is rife with specified things. Toss a chromatic into a heap of open-source bundle and you are definite to deed a show oregon twelve. And that's a bully thing, particularly considering each 1 of those monitors approaches the task from a antithetic perspective.

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But erstwhile you conscionable request the facts, and you request them each wrapped up successful a beautiful, easy-to-use web-based interface. Where bash you turn? One specified anticipation is Netdata, which is 1 of the amended at-a-glance show monitors I've utilized successful a agelong time. This instrumentality tin assistance you way down assorted show issues connected your Linux servers, by monitoring things like:

  • CPU
  • Load
  • Disk
  • RAM
  • Swap
  • Network
  • Processes
  • idlejitter
  • Interrupts
  • Softirqs
  • Softnet
  • Entropy
  • Uptime
  • Clock synchronization
  • Ipc semaphores
  • Ipc shared memory

All of those monitors are cobbled unneurotic successful a precise easy-to-read dashboard that tin springiness you a speedy glimpse astatine what's going connected with your Linux servers.

Let maine amusement you however to instal Netdata.

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What you'll request

To get Netdata installed, you'll request an lawsuit of Linux and a idiosyncratic with sudo privileges. I'm going to show connected Ubuntu Server 20.04, but the process of installing is the same, careless of your distribution.

How to instal Netdata

First, marque definite your server is updated. Log into Ubuntu Server and contented the pursuing 2 commands:

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade -y

Should your kernel beryllium upgraded, you'll privation to reboot the strategy earlier continuing on. 

Next, download the Netdata installer publication with the command:


When the download finishes, tally the installer with the command:

sudo sh

You volition beryllium asked to OK the installation a mates of times, truthful wage attraction to the output of the command. Once you springiness the last OK, the installation volition commence, and you tin locomotion distant from the server (as the installation volition instrumentality a fewer minutes). When the installation completes, the Netdata services volition beryllium automatically started and enabled. But successful lawsuit they aren't, you tin commencement and alteration Netdata with the commands:

sudo systemctl commencement netdata sudo systemctl alteration netdata

How to entree the Netdata UI

Open a web browser connected a instrumentality that's connected to the aforesaid web arsenic your information halfway and constituent it to http://SERVER:19999. You should beryllium greeted by the Netdata dashboard (Figure A).

Figure A


The Netdata dashboard is elemental to work and good designed.

If you click the Sign In button, you'll beryllium directed to make a Netdata account, wherever you tin past show each of your servers, from 1 handy, cloud-based interface. If you spell this route, you'll beryllium fixed a bid to tally connected the server hosting Netdata, successful the signifier of:

sudo -token=TOKEN -rooms=ROOMS -url=

Where TOKEN is the idiosyncratic token and ROOMS is the sanction of the country you created erstwhile you signed up.

Once you assertion your server, you'll beryllium capable to presumption the Netdata dashboard from wrong your Netdata relationship (so you tin entree the server dashboard from extracurricular your LAN).

If you don't privation to spell that route, simply don't click the Sign In fastener and show each of your servers individually.

And that's each determination is to installing the Netdata Linux server monitoring tool. Give this open-source dashboard a effort and spot if it doesn't go your go-to show show for Linux.

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