Liz Cheney Calls House Republicans Protesting In Support Of 1/6 Fascists A Disgrace

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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) didn’t clasp backmost and called her House Republican colleagues a disgrace for their pro-terrorist DOJ protest.


Liz Cheney calls House Republicans protesting successful beforehand of the DOJ to enactment home terrorists a disgrace.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 27, 2021

Cheney said astatine a property league aft the 1/6 Committee’s archetypal hearing:

Look, astir each subordinate of the Republican league stated in the days instantly aft January 6th what had actually happened and galore of them said so publicly. 

Many members of our leadership and others, that they’ve gone from recognizing what happened on the 6th to protesting in front of the Justice Department on behalf of those who were part of the insurrection is something that I can’t explain. I deliberation it is adisgrace. I cognize this committee is focused on getting to what happened successful a nonpolitical, nonpartisan way. This is not a governmental campaign. This is deadly serious. We’ll analyse each aspect. 

By investigating each aspect, Cheney was suggesting that her chap House Republicans and the failed erstwhile one-term president are some going to beryllium investigated.

It is simply a disgrace that House Republicans are protesting successful beforehand of the Department of Justice successful enactment of radical who attacked America.

If Republicans would person gone to Pentagon and held a protestation successful enactment of the al-Qaeda terrorists, the connection would person been the same.

A radical of House Republicans is supporting terrorism, and their actions are an un-American disgrace.

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