Marco Rubio Looks Like An Idiot After Attacking Defense Secretary Without Knowing Philippines COVID Rules

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Sen. Marco Rubio  (R-FL) attacked Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin for wearing a disguise and shield successful the Philippines, wherever they are required.

Rubio tweeted:

Our @SecDef is vaccinated

But helium arrives successful the Philippines wearing a disguise AND a look shield

Embarrassing COVID theatre

— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) July 29, 2021

The Philippines Requires Masks And Face Shields In Public

Bill Kristol replied that the Philippines requires masks and shields successful public:

The Philippine authorities requires a disguise and shield successful nationalist places (h/t @janecoaston). @SecDef is being courteous and respectful of his big government. An apology from @marcorubio to @SecDef would beryllium appropriate.

— Bill Kristol (@BillKristol) July 29, 2021

Marco Rubio Looks Like A Moron Engaging In Cynical Anti-Mask COVID Theater

Marco Rubio is evidently disquieted astir what could beryllium the astir hard reelection run of his career against Rep. Val Demings. Rubio is doing what helium does best. He is pandering to the lowest communal denominator. Sen. Rubio besides inactive wants to beryllium president successful the worst mode imaginable.

Rubio is truthful hopeless to tribunal the Trump voters successful his authorities and acceptable himself up for different statesmanlike run that helium is tweeting without knowing the COVID protocols successful overseas countries.

Rubio has gone all-in connected the anti-vaccine, anti-mask, pro-death Republican cult. 

Marco Rubio is trying to prevention his seat, and successful the process revealing wherefore helium is simply a nationalist embarrassment.

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