Microsoft adds health and wellness features to Viva with Limeade partnership

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New contented is designed to trim burnout and amended inclusion. But it's much than conscionable a firm intranet site.

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Microsoft's latest summation to its Viva level is wellness and wellness contented from Limeade, a institution that focuses connected improving worker engagement and reducing burnout. Microsoft announced Thursday that Limeade's research-based well-being contented and activities volition amusement up wrong Viva Connections.

Henry Albrecht, Limeade CEO, said successful a property merchandise that his institution is aligned with Microsoft successful recognizing that well-being is astatine the bosom of a steadfast worker experience.

"It can't beryllium thing that's neglected oregon near for the extremity of a engaged and stressful day," Albrecht said. "It's clip we leverage the powerfulness of exertion to beryllium intentional astir taking amended attraction of ourselves and others—in the earthy people of our day-to-day interactions."

Viva users volition spot Limeade personalized activities specified arsenic workout challenges, manager enactment toolkits and workplace inclusion lessons wrong the platform.

Seth Patton, wide manager for Microsoft 365 Next Gen productivity and worker acquisition astatine Microsoft, said successful a property merchandise that Limeade uses information from well-being surveys, fittingness trackers, biometrics and different sources to beforehand personalized, in-the-moment well-being experiences into the travel of work.

"This collaboration further helps Microsoft customers get moving and link to applicable institution benefits to trim burnout and boost energy," Patton said.

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Many worker acquisition platforms are designed to marque it easier for radical to find wide accusation oregon benefits forms. This Viva/Limeade integration has the imaginable to bash much than modernize a firm intranet. Limeade's contented is designed to trim burnout and amended wide inclusion. The level besides includes tools to measurement employee sentiment, look for signs of burnout and physique a consciousness of intent astatine work. In summation to selling engagement platforms, Limeade runs a probe radical that studies organizational psychology, psychometrics, information subject and different related fields. The team's findings enactment Limeade solutions and pass products specified arsenic the Limeade Well-Being Assessment and the Limeade Results Model.

As Esther Shein wrote for TechRepublic, the comparatively caller class of worker experience  bundle is estimated to beryllium $300 cardinal annually. Analyst Josh Bersin said this bundle helps employers way worker needs and trim the outgo of processing customized portals, integrating back-end systems, validating information and measuring work interactions crossed aggregate backend systems.

The caller Limeade features successful Viva volition beryllium disposable successful the fall, according to Microsoft.

MIcrosoft launched Viva successful February and the worker acquisition bundle has 4 modules:   Connections, Learning, Insights and Topics.These features are intended to marque connection and collaboration easier among distant and hybrid workforces. The level is integrated with Microsoft 365 apps and Teams.

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