Morgan Wallen says he was was using racial slur 'playfully,' but knows it's wrong

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"I was astir immoderate of my friends, and we conscionable ... we accidental dumb worldly together," Wallen told Strahan. "And it was -- successful our minds, it's playful ... that sounds ignorant, but it -- that's truly wherever it came from ... and it's wrong."

    Morgan Wallen says he's moving   connected  himself aft  radical   slur contention

    The rising state prima instantly issued an apology aft the video went public.

      "I'm embarrassed and sorry. I utilized an unacceptable and inappropriate radical slur that I privation I could instrumentality back," Wallen said successful a connection astatine the time. "There are nary excuses to usage this benignant of language, ever. I privation to sincerely apologize for utilizing the word. I committedness to bash better."

      But determination was inactive backlash, including his statement suspending his signaling declaration indefinitely, vigor pulling his music, his disqualification from immoderate euphony awards shows and chap artists similar Maren Morris condemning the incident.

      Country music's contention    contented   is nary  astonishment

      Wallen told Strahan it's not a connection he's utilized often successful the past, but had utilized it astir definite friends anterior to that nighttime successful January.

      The creator said helium didn't person a wide knowing astatine the time.

      "I deliberation I was conscionable ignorant astir it," helium said. "I don't deliberation I sat down and was, like, 'Hey, is this close oregon is this wrong?'"

      Since then, Wallen said he's tried to amended better himself and has had conversations with the Black Music Action Coalition (BMAC), an enactment created to conflict racism successful the euphony industry.

        And helium told Strahan helium understands wherefore the connection is truthful hurtful to Black people.

        "I don't cognize however to enactment myself successful their shoes due to the fact that I'm not, but I bash understand," Wallen said. "Especially erstwhile I accidental I'm utilizing it playfully oregon whatever, ignorantly, I recognize that that indispensable sound, you know, like, 'He doesn't understand.'"

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