Most Popular Choices In Mass Effect Legendary Edition Revealed, Last Chance For Mass Effect Freebies

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Back successful May, BioWare celebrated the merchandise of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition by giving distant a ton of escaped content, including the quality to trade your ain quality art. One freebie bundle including the Mass Effect OST, the comics, and creation books to enjoy, but that connection is astir to tally retired soon, truthful drawback them portion you can! In summation to the escaped loot drop, BioWare besides revealed immoderate of the astir fashionable choices that players made successful the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. But first, let's speech astir the freebies. 

For those looking for immoderate saccharine tunes, the afloat Mass Effect soundtrack is disposable to download, for free, successful summation to the Mass Effect Redemption and Invasion comics respectively. Two mini creation publication for Mass Effect 2 and 3 are besides disposable successful summation to a integer lithograph of the champion vessel successful the galaxy: the Normandy. This connection is lone disposable for a small portion longer, truthful marque definite to drawback thing of involvement close here

Ready to dive into immoderate Mass Effect Legendary Edition stats? Good! Just a just warning, however: the beneath infographic does incorporate spoilers for cardinal choices made successful the 3 games. If you person not beaten the trilogy, I would urge turning distant now. 

Still here? Good! Let's interruption it down: 

Who Is Your Shepard?

32% of players donned the helm of Jane Shepard, whereas 68% assumed the relation of John Shepard. The astir fashionable pre-service past is the Earthborn root story, increasing up successful pack beingness until Shepard yet recovered themselves successful the Alliance. 52% chose the Earthborn beingness portion 27% took connected the Spacer relation and 21% chose to person the Colonist history. 

What astir classes? 

  • Soldier - 40%
  • Vanguard - 21%
  • Infiltrator - 15% 
  • Adept - 11%
  • Sentinel - 8% 
  • Engineer - 5%

In the aforesaid vein, 44% chose the Survivor intelligence profile, with 43% coming successful arsenic a War Hero and a tiny 13% choosing the Ruthless route. 

Popular Choices

605 of players for the Legendary Edition chose to save Ashley connected Virmire implicit Kaidan, with 6% sidesplitting Wrex connected the aforesaid planet. A whopping 93% decided to state with the Rachni Queen successful the archetypal Mass Effect, with 67% sidesplitting the Reaper Breeder Queen successful Mass Effect 3. 

96% of players cured the Genophage (good!) with the aforesaid magnitude getting Tali pardoned versus being exiled from the Flotilla. 

For fashionable squadmates successful Mass Effect 1: 

  1. Garrus
  2. Tali
  3. Liara
  4. Wrex
  5. Ashley 
  6. Kaidan

In the Priority Rannoch mission, 80% of players were capable to execute peace, with 11% siding with the Geth and a tiny 9% siding with the Quarians. This is besides tied to however galore renegade vs. paragon points a subordinate has, which is thing we elaborate successful our usher present connected however to debar elemental mistakes

And the astir commonly asked question erstwhile talking astir choices? 68% of players punched the newsman successful the face. Myself included. Them's the breaks. 

Surprisingly enough, BioWare didn't item who the astir fashionable romance enactment was. Must person been 100% Garrus due to the fact that he's intelligibly the close choice. Again, I don't marque the rules. 

Want much Mass Effect Legendary Edition goodness? Check retired our live and good hub close here! We've got news, sentiment pieces, mods, and truthful overmuch more! And remember: beryllium the idiosyncratic Mordin would privation you to be. 

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