New automation platform aims to help DevOps engineers squash tickets forever

2 months ago 24 automates fixes that scope from one-line commands to remediation loops.


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Fix once, automate the solution and past deploy galore times. That's the doctrine down, a institution that aims to marque beingness easier for tract reliability engineers. 

Anurag Gupta, laminitis and CEO of, has plentifulness of acquisition successful solving operational problems for unreality deployments. He was a vice president astatine AWS for astir 8 years and ran the analytic and relational database services connected the AWS Database team. He besides spent much than 3 years arsenic a vice president of engineering astatine Oracle. 

Gupta has 2 goals for the company:

  1. Make managing, debugging and repairing a fleet of servers arsenic elemental arsenic repairing an idiosyncratic box
  2. Create a instrumentality that makes fixing a occupation permanently arsenic casual arsenic fixing it the archetypal clip

A tract reliability technologist maps retired a hole for a predominant oregon caller problem, and the level figures retired however to tally the cognition successful parallel crossed an full fleet. This includes moving one-line  commands arsenic good arsenic remediation loops. 

"Rather than taking a period oregon 2 months to physique an automation, you tin bash it successful a fewer minutes," helium said.

Gupta sees automating incidental effect arsenic the adjacent logical measurement successful the DevOps evolution.

"We've solved QA automations done pipelines, and present we request automation with configuration and deployment," helium said. "Production ops is simply a hard problem, and the fig of problems scales with the size of your fleet."

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Gupta said that fixing a occupation the archetypal clip is an absorbing situation which rapidly turns into a frustrating discarded of clip erstwhile the occupation shows up the 5th time. 

"One of the pugnacious things that I utilized to spot is that you've got your champion feline doing 1 on-call displacement but everyone is calling them each the clip truthful they're ever connected call," helium said. "You archer america what to bash and past we fig retired each the resources and organisation and however to bash it."

The level besides has the imaginable to seizure organization cognition and marque it much wide available. 

"Deciding what to bash erstwhile thing happens, it's not straightforward," helium said. "Shoreline tin delete temp abstraction oregon determination logs oregon bash immoderate is due successful your environment."  

Gupta compared the caller automation instrumentality to Rundeck and Splunk. "The quality betwixt america and Splunk is that we fto you alteration your situation and not conscionable look astatine it," helium said.

Shoreline includes the domain-specific connection Op that provides a tube delimited syntax with the quality to execute immoderate task that tin beryllium tally astatine the Linux bid prompt. 

Gupta said that Op uses resources, metrics and Linux commands arsenic the nouns, adjectives and verbs of operations.

"In 1 enactment you tin say, 'If the JVM is moving hot, bash a heavy stack dump and past bounce the JVM,'" helium said.

Shoreline works with AWS currently, the Azure integration volition beryllium done this 4th and Google Cloud volition beryllium next, according to Gupta. 

"Then we'll abstract crossed each 3 truthful SREs volition person a azygous pane of glass," helium said. 

Shoreline is hiring engineers successful its California and Romania locations, and the institution is looking for IT professionals who person acquisition with distributed systems, functional programming and DevOps. 

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