Officers Want Trump And GOP In Congress Investigated For Collaborating With 1/6 Attackers

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Officer Fanone asked the question during Tuesday’s January 6th Select Committee proceeding upon which our ideology hangs: Fanone charged the Committee with investigating the erstwhile president and whether oregon not determination was collaboration betwixt members of Congress and the Senate, their staff, and the terrorists.

Officer Hodges concurred: “I request you guys to code whether anyone successful powerfulness had a relation successful this. If anyone successful powerfulness aided and abetted.”

During the archetypal time of the proceeding of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack connected the United States Capitol, Chairman Bennie G. Thompson asked Officer Fanone what helium wants to spot from the committee and the Officer responded that helium wants to cognize whether immoderate members of Congress oregon the erstwhile president collaborated with the terrorists.

Officer Fanone asks the 1/6 Committee to analyse imaginable collaboration betwixt House members, their staffs, and the home terrorists who attacked the Capitol.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 27, 2021

I conjecture it is absorbing from a instrumentality enforcement viewpoint. We had convulsive governmental rhetoric. We had the enactment of a rally, whose rubric was “Stop the Steal,” and that that rally occurred connected January 6th – which I don’t judge was a coincidence that connected January 6th, members of Congress and you present successful the country contiguous were charged with tallying the electoral votes and certifying the predetermination of our president.

And successful the academy, we larn astir time, place, condition successful investigating imaginable crimes and those who whitethorn person committed them. So the time, the spot and circumstances of that rally, that rhetoric, and those events to maine leads successful the absorption of our president and different members not lone of legislature and the legislature but that is what I americium looking for is an probe into those actions and activities which whitethorn person resulted successful the events of January 6th and besides whether oregon not determination was collaboration betwixt those members, their staff, and these terrorists.

There it is. This is the crushed Republicans are trying truthful desperately to deflect, distract, contradict and prevarication astir the events of January 6th and the House-led probe of this horrific crime.

The Chairman opened the proceeding by reminding everyone astir the convulsive onslaught and committing to being guided by facts. “We cognize that the insurrection connected January 6th was a convulsive onslaught that progressive vicious assaults connected instrumentality enforcement. We cognize determination is grounds it was a coordinated, planned attack. We cognize that men and women who stormed the Capitol wanted to derail the peaceful transportation of powerfulness successful this country. We cognize that 7 radical mislaid their lives, that much than 140 constabulary officers suffered injuries. We cognize that efforts to subvert our ideology are ongoing, and a large portion of the Select Committee’s enactment volition beryllium to find ways to destruct that threat.

We besides cognize that the rioters came dangerously adjacent to succeeding. If not for the heroism of the U.S. Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police Department, galore much lives mightiness person been lost. And the rioters could person accomplished what they acceptable retired to do: upend American democracy.”

Thompson noted that the peaceful transportation of powerfulness is simply a pillar of our democracy, adding “…a peaceful transportation of powerfulness didn’t hap this year. It did not happen. Let that descend in. Think astir it.”

After showing a video of what the witnesses (officers) saw that day, Thompson said, “He’ll beryllium back, helium warns us. It’s conscionable chilling. I convey God for our democracy—and our Republic—withstood the assault. But that man’s informing reminds america that this menace hasn’t gone away. It looms implicit our ideology similar a acheronian cloud.”

He called retired Republicans connected trying to crook terrorists into martyrs, “Some radical are trying to contradict what happened. To whitewash it. To crook the insurrectionists into martyrs. But the full satellite saw the world of what happened connected January 6th. The hangman’s gallows sitting retired determination connected our Nation’s Mall.”

Chairman Thompson has been the seat of the Committee connected Homeland Security since 2019 and again from 2007 to 2011. When helium warns that the Trump menace to our ideology hasn’t gone away, his words transportation the value of an adept connected home security. This is the crushed helium is the Chair of this indispensable committee.

Emeritus student astatine the American Enterprise Institute and a contributing exertion for the Atlantic Norm Ornstein added implicit Officer Fanone’s request, “They request to deploy the afloat panoply of resources and Powers disposable to Congress to bash this, including inherent contempt, halfway and expulsion and prosecution done the justness department.”

Officers Fanone and Hodges asked the Select Committee to analyse what each patriot successful this state is hopeless to understand: Which, if any, almighty figures successful the Republican Party coordinated with the terrorists. This is not lone the astir important question for justice, but besides to support the homeland from different Trump violent attack.

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