PM fumes over Tokyo Olympics 'scandal'

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A 4th jock from the Czech Republic has tested affirmative for COVID-19 astatine the Tokyo Games, with the squad investigating if the outbreak is linked to its charter formation to Japan.

Prime Minister Andrej Babis called the concern "a scandal".

"I don't similar this 1 bit. I don't recognize however it could happen," Babis told reporters.


Marketa Slukova of Czech Republic passes the shot successful 2019 (Getty)

The Czech squad says formation volleyball subordinate Markéta Nausch Sluková and cyclist Michal Schlegel person entered a quarantine hotel, wherever 2 different athletes and 2 different coaches successful its nationalist delegation are staying.

"I cognize that galore overmuch worse things are happening astir the satellite close now, but truthfully, successful our ain sporting micro-world, the satellite we person lived successful and are surviving successful now, it is highly bittersweet for Bára and I that our travel to Tokyo, the travel that was meant to beryllium a pinnacle, had to extremity successful this way," Sluková Nausch said successful a connection provided to CNN by a representative.

Another Czech formation volleyball player, Ondřej Perušič, tested affirmative this week. Table tennis subordinate Pavel Sirucek besides tested positive.

To adhd to the controversy, reports assertion that the Czech squad doc Vlastimil Voracek was unvaccinated and immoderate connected the charter formation did not deterioration masks. Voracek was the archetypal identified affirmative lawsuit from the squad charter formation which included 42 passengers, of which 14 were Olympic athletes.

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis receives his COVID-19 vaccine. (Getty)

"Everywhere we person radical to beryllium vaccinated," Babis said.

"And present the doc of our delegation is not vaccinated."

The Czech Olympic Committee is presently investigating the reports.

"The concern is serious," Czech Olympic squad person Martin Doktor said successful a statement.

"We person done our champion to halt spreading the virus. Unfortunately, we didn't debar athletics tragedies (of athletes being forced to withdraw). I'm profoundly sorry."

Meanwhile a 2nd Dutch jock and a unit subordinate person besides tested affirmative for COVID-19 astatine the Tokyo Games.

Team NL says taekwondo jock Reshmie Oogink and a rowing squad unit subordinate person tested affirmative and volition quarantine for 10 days.

"I americium speechless" Oogink said. "I person done everything I could and person worked truthful hard to get truthful adjacent to the Games. I adjacent flooded large genu injuries and present it has travel to a abrupt end. This is the extremity of my career."

Chef de Mission of TeamNL, swimming fable Pieter van den Hoogenband, says the squad is doing everything to support corruption to a minimum, but the concern is having an impact.

A time earlier, connected Wednesday, Dutch skateboarder Candy Jacobs said connected Instagram that she had tested affirmative and been sent into quarantine.

American formation volleyball subordinate Taylor Crabb is besides retired of the Olympics aft 4 affirmative COVID-19 tests, with Tri Bourne taking his spot arsenic the spouse of four-time Olympian Jake Gibb erstwhile the contention begins this weekend.

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