Pop megastar slams sexist beach sports furore

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US popular vocalist Pink has offered to wage a good fixed to the Norwegian pistillate formation handball squad for wearing shorts alternatively of the required bikini bottoms.

Pink said she was "very proud" of the squad for protesting against the regularisation that prevented them from wearing shorts similar their antheral counterparts.

In a tweet posted connected Sunday, Pink said: "The European handball federation SHOULD BE FINED FOR SEXISM. Good connected ya, ladies." She added that "I'll beryllium blessed to wage your fines for you. Keep it up."

Pink successful enactment connected stage. (NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

At the European Beach Handball Championships successful Bulgaria past week, Norway's pistillate squad was fined 1,500 euros for what the European federation called improper covering and "a breach of covering regulations". The rules stipulate that women indispensable deterioration bikini bottoms portion men deterioration shorts.

The Norwegian Handball Federation didn't contention the decision, seen by the Norwegian squad and respective others arsenic unfair, and announced earlier that it was acceptable to wage the fine.

The European Handball Federation acknowledged the commotion that the incidental had triggered successful media outlets and societal media, and said Monday that it would donate the magnitude paid by the Norwegian Handball Federation "to a large planetary sports instauration which supports equality for women and girls successful sports".

"We are precise overmuch alert of the attraction the taxable has received implicit the past days, and portion changes cannot hap overnight, we are afloat committed that thing bully comes retired of this concern close present which is wherefore the EHF has donated the good for a bully origin promoting equality successful sports, " European Handball Federation President Michael Wiederer said in a statement.

The Norwegian formation handball team, successful an Instagram station thanking supporters. (Instagram)

Wiederer said that handball already was up of different sports successful immoderate respects, specified arsenic the parity fixed to the men's and women's competitions. He said specified parity had been achieved successful formation handball overmuch sooner than it had successful soccer, for example.

The Norwegian women posted a photograph of themselves connected Instagram wearing shorts and told their followers: "Thank you truthful overmuch for each the support. We truly admit each the emotion we person received."

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