Republican ‘Cancel Culture’ Hits New Low With Attacks Against D.C. Police

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Sometimes we person to springiness enactment pundits and lawmakers credit.

They’re truly bully astatine herding their right-wing hatred media flock distant from the issues.

Seeing however effectual their main currency of fear, outrage, and xenophobia (FOX) is connected their audience, they person manufactured a strategy designed to repackage irrelevant”fluff” into “need-to-know” nationalist information stories the “biased wide fake quality media” isn’t reporting.

And each strategy comes with its ain vocabulary.

Turn to astir media catering to right-wing audiences today, we volition find a batch of outrage astir the “ critical contention theory” boogie man.

At the opening of the year, though, republicans were in a tizzy over Dr. Seuss Enterprises refusing to proceed publishing six Dr. Seuss books that “portray radical successful ways that are hurtful and wrong.

They couldn’t get implicit artifact shaper Hasbro’s determination to reduce “Mr. Potato Head” to conscionable “Potato Head.”

So they obstruction against “cancel culture.”

But if we wage attention, we volition besides find that for each their sturm and resistance astir “cancel culture,” republicans person nary occupation “cancelling” anyone they consciousness is nary longer viable to their obsequious Trump agenda.

Examples abound.

Republican voter suppression efforts are fundamentally cancelling millions of African American and number votes.

Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney has been cancelled for criticizing Donald Trump and his toadies, and for sitting connected the Jan. 6 Commission investigating the act of domestic terrorism intended to subvert the law process of certifying the statesmanlike predetermination for Joe Biden.

Senator Joni Ernst and Rep. Ken Buck came close retired and said so.

Last week, Fox & Friends ran with an thought Ohio Republican Senate campaigner J.D. Vance recently proposed astir banning childless Americans from voting.

Republican-led authorities legislatures are adjacent going truthful acold arsenic to ban–cancel– books astir racism.

In May, erstwhile Vice President Mike Pence’s former staffer Olivia Troye admitted successful USA Today:

“The Republican Party doesn’t person a governing agenda. It’s a pathetic predicament but evident to anyone who stepped ft successful Trump’s White House. One crushed legislature Republicans are focused connected taste issues – Dr. Seussfake reddish nutrient regulations and a fistful of transgender precocious schoolhouse athletes around the state – mightiness beryllium to debar judgement connected however they utilized power: nary wellness attraction reform, nary infrastructure package, heading toward 600,000 dormant from the pandemic, and the onslaught connected the Capitol. The strategy is simple: obfuscate, lie, alteration the taxable and anticipation voters clasp the different enactment to a higher standard.”

But perchance the worst show of GOP “cancel culture” is playing retired close present implicit the Washington, D.C. Metro constabulary officers testifying connected Capitol Hill implicit the attacks and injuries they sustained from frenzied Donald Trump supporters during the fateful January 6 domestic panic attack.

Just look astatine immoderate headlines from starring right-wing hatred media outlets:

Incidentally, the D.C. constabulary serviceman each of those articles is astir is Harry Dunn, who is African American.

And, of course, there’s Fox so-called “news”:

Watch Tucker Carlson virtually laughter astatine DC bull Michael Fanone saying he's "been near with intelligence trauma and affectional anxiety" from the Capitol riots.

Fanone was astir beaten to decease and suffered a bosom attack!

This is genuinely sociopathic behaviour here.

— Justin Baragona (@justinbaragona) July 28, 2021

“Cancel culture” is simply a ruse.

It’s a canard.

It’s subterfuge.

Insert your ain synonym for “red herring”.

Republicans are precise bully astatine definite things.

Rallying their basal is one. This is thing Democrats tin larn from them.

They are capable to execute this by tossing retired wedges of reddish meat, similar Dr. Seuss, Potatohead, and, of course, thing that threatens to radiance the airy connected the information they person thing of payment for the mediate people oregon poor, lone the rich.

And the oligarchs are laughing each the mode to the voting booth.

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