Some male fish let rivals woo females and then hijack their courtship

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Life 27 July 2021

By Christa Lesté-Lasserre

sailfin tetra

A antheral sailfin tetra (Crenuchus spilurus)


The ascendant males successful 1 taxon of Amazonian fish person developed a elemental mode to drawback mating opportunities. They fell portion smaller, less-dominant males enactment hard to transportation a pistillate to laic eggs, past they travel guardant and bargain the receptive female’s attention.

Lower-ranking antheral sailfin tetras (Crenuchus spilurus) enactment successful a batch of clip and effort to tribunal females. They whitethorn walk respective days circling aquatic weeds with their colourful fins afloat extended.

Tiago da Silva Pires astatine the National Institute for …

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