Sonic Team Looks Back At The Blue Blur's First 30 Years

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Earlier this summer, the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise turned 30 years old. Sega marked the occasion by holding a Sonic Central watercourse that teased 3 caller projects (Sonic Colors: Ultimate, Sonic Origins, and an untitled mainline Sonic game) successful May, followed by a special 30th-anniversary concert featuring an orchestra playing classical Sonic music.

With the bulk of the celebrations successful the rear-view mirror, we caught up with 5 longtime developers from Sonic Team. Ranging from directors and producers to composers and artists, we covered the spectrum to larn astir each individual's unsocial experiences with the franchise, arsenic good arsenic what 30 years of Sonic means to them. 

What is your archetypal representation of moving connected the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise?
Takashi Iizuka, originative officer, caput of Sonic Team:
Moving to America and surviving determination for a twelvemonth and a fractional to make Sonic 3 is my archetypal memory. For idiosyncratic similar maine who had ne'er experienced being successful a overseas state before, it was an breathtaking and caller experience.

Hiroshi Nishiyama, creation director: Being liable for creating the 3D Sonic World successful Sonic Jam. It was truly hard doing texture plan with the caller shapes and models, but due to the fact that of that I was capable to truly marque things radiance successful Sonic Adventure, truthful that is simply a large memory.

Kazuyuki Hoshino, originative director: I joined Sega successful 1991 and my archetypal representation was going to a crippled amusement with [co-creator of Sonic the Hedgehog Naoto] Ohshima-san and astatine the amusement getting introduced to [co-creator Yuji] Naka-san who had conscionable gotten backmost from America. It each started from there.

Yuji Uekawa, quality designer: Sonic Jam was the archetypal Sonic rubric I worked on, and was the archetypal crippled successful the bid that utilized 3D polygons for the characters and environments, truthful everything felt caller and it seemed similar thing was possible.

Jun Senoue, dependable director, guitarist of Crush 40: My archetypal representation was astir the process for selecting euphony connected Sonic 3 erstwhile improvement was happening implicit successful America. On the Japan broadside we would make a demo portion of each the tracks we created, past nonstop that portion to America via boat, and the comments we would get backmost aft the squad successful America reviewed the portion each came by fax!

Do you person a circumstantial infinitesimal you retrieve erstwhile you realized conscionable however large the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and quality had become?
There person been galore moments implicit the years wherever I person felt conscionable however large the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has become. The archetypal clip was successful 1993 with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, past again successful 1998 erstwhile we had implicit 10,000 radical amusement up for the large lawsuit wherever Sonic Adventure was archetypal announced, and adjacent conscionable past twelvemonth successful 2020 erstwhile the Hollywood movie was released.

Nishiyama: For maine it was the large Sonic Adventure rubric uncover lawsuit successful 1998 and the merchandise of the Hollywood movie successful 2020. Even to this day, I volition ne'er hide seeing conscionable however excited the fans were.

Hoshino: Hmm, each clip I conscionable up with each of our fans I get that feeling, but if I exclude that I would accidental a mates of years agone erstwhile immoderate characters that looked a batch similar Sonic and Knuckles took implicit the net arsenic a viral meme, maybe?

Uekawa: It's not excessively astonishing erstwhile it happens successful the the crippled industry, but erstwhile we started having collaboration with different beardown IPs from comics and movies and moving crossed antithetic media was decidedly a moment, besides the world of wherever we basal present that we person tons of licensed Sonic merchandise being sold each implicit the satellite would beryllium different infinitesimal for me.

Senoue: The information that helium is wide recognized by truthful galore radical is what gets me. Whenever you accidental the sanction "Sonic" it doesn't substance if the idiosyncratic is young oregon aged oregon antheral oregon female, they ever accidental "Oh, yeah, I cognize Sonic!" and a bluish hedgehog pops to their mind. And, of course, having a large Hollywood movie travel retired successful 2020 truly expanding the franchise is different large crushed wherefore truthful galore radical cognize him.

What was your favourite Sonic crippled to enactment on?
It was Sonic Adventure 2, and we had each of the improvement squad determination retired to America to marque it there. It was a tiny improvement squad truthful we were capable to condense each the bully elements from the erstwhile game, and present a communicative and crippled that was satisfying to players everywhere.

Nishiyama: It was erstwhile we moved retired to America to make Sonic Adventure 2. I had a batch of caller ideas for the crippled due to the fact that of each the caller stimulus and experiences I got by surviving successful America and was capable to marque a crippled with a batch of large moments unneurotic with the different members.

Hoshino: On Shadow the Hedgehog I had a batch of amusive arsenic a quality designer. It wasn't lone the robots that Eggman created, but besides quality soldiers, and weapons and vehicles from an alien civilization – I truly threw myself into making a crippled that was wholly antithetic from what the mean conventions of what a crippled was thought to beryllium was backmost successful the day. Did everyone bask it?

Uekawa: It was Sonic Adventure, wherever I was the quality decorator and besides had to marque the models and animations for the characters. I besides made each of the artwork utilized for publicity for the title, truthful it is simply a crippled that has a batch of meaning for maine personally.

Senoue: It was making Sonic Adventure 2 successful America with the tiny improvement squad determination locally. This caller situation everyone from the squad was successful creating a precise stimulating experience, truthful we had a batch of amusive portion besides stoically processing the game.

Sonic Mania

What is your favourite Sonic the Hedgehog crippled to play?
The archetypal rubric I would urge is Sonic Mania due to the fact that it condenses each the amusive of the classical Sonic titles into 1 experience. For those that similar the 3D Sonic games I would urge Sonic Colors: Ultimate due to the fact that of the assortment of play styles.

Nishiyama: Sonic Heroes was a title I worked connected that had a batch of assortment successful the world, needing to strategically usage the unsocial skills of each quality to play the crippled with a precocious level of teamwork, truthful I truly similar that.

Hoshino: Sonic Heroes is simply a crippled I had a batch of amusive playing with my friends due to the fact that we would beryllium strategizing arsenic a squad portion we played. Each squad has its ain finishing move, truthful it was ever truthful amusive matching up each member’s unsocial abilities.

Uekawa: I would accidental the archetypal Sonic the Hedgehog. It has elemental controls, vivid graphics, and precise axenic gameplay.

Senoue: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 connected the Genesis. I enjoyed playing the archetypal Sonic the Hedgehog, but successful specified a abbreviated magnitude of clip we got this caller rubric that was powered up and had a assortment of caller things added to it, and it was specified a amusive crippled to experience. As a fan, this was 1 of those titles I truly got into and was impressed by.

Who is your favourite Sonic the Hedgehog quality different than Sonic?
It would person to beryllium Shadow. One crushed wherefore I person this affinity is astir apt due to the fact that I helped make and signifier the character, but I besides truly similar his backstory arsenic a acheronian hero.

Nishiyama: Back earlier I joined Sega and was playing Sonic games I would person to accidental Knuckles from Sonic 3. I liked the mysterious background, however helium was each unsocial guarding the Master Emerald. When I joined the squad I helped make Shadow, truthful helium is different quality I truly like.

Hoshino: I deliberation the passionateness Dr. Eggman has for perpetually creating things nary substance what challenged helium faces is amazing. I truly wonderment however galore hours helium works each time to marque each that stuff?

Uekawa: I americium 1 of those radical who truly similar Big the Cat. I admit his casual and relaxed cognition towards a dilatory life, which is successful opposition to Sonic who is ever truthful busy.

Senoue: Shadow. Part of the crushed wherefore is due to the fact that I was a portion of the squad that created him, but I besides similar his dialog (especially successful Japanese), arsenic good arsenic the colour operation of achromatic and red.

Sonic Forces

When you started moving connected the series, did you ever deliberation it would scope the 30th day and inactive beryllium going strong?
I archetypal started moving connected the bid erstwhile I was 21, truthful I had ne'er adjacent thought astir 30 years into the future. But astatine the clip I did person that tendency to privation to support making Sonic games forever.

Nishiyama: I was conscionable focused connected giving my champion effort connected what I had to bash close successful the moment, truthful I wasn't truly reasoning astir the future. I bash retrieve having a truly beardown content that Sonic was chill and the gameplay was truly amusive arsenic we were processing things.

Hoshino: After the satellite truly expanded for the Sonic characters with Sonic Adventure, I truly felt determination were inactive a batch of stories to archer and a batch of challenges to look with the series. As agelong arsenic that stays true, Sonic volition continue.

Uekawa: To beryllium honest, I didn't adjacent deliberation of what the adjacent mates of years would beryllium like. Part of that was due to the fact that we conscionable continued making games and doing much licensing and the Sonic IP conscionable ne'er seemed to stop. It feels like, due to the fact that we kept moving forward, arsenic a result, we are present present 30 years later.

Senoue: When I was successful my aboriginal 20s determination was nary mode I could adjacent ideate myself successful my 50s, truthful successful a akin mode I was incapable to adjacent ideate what Sonic would beryllium 30 years successful the future. From the beginning, Sonic started america connected this astonishing escapade and present we are present 30 years aboriginal getting to observe this milestone.


What does the franchise reaching the 30th day mean to you?
I americium truthful blessed to person been capable to bring amusive and excitement to radical astir the satellite done the 30 years of our team's efforts astatine work. I americium besides precise blessed Sonic has gotten truthful overmuch enactment from our fans implicit the past 30 years.

Nishiyama: I americium blessed to cognize that aft 30 years of amusive Sonic has near an indelible people connected the lives of our fans. I americium besides looking guardant to delivering immoderate much amusive games to radical successful the adjacent future.

Hoshino: My vocation successful this manufacture is besides hitting 30 years. Turning astir and looking backmost astatine things makes maine recognize conscionable however acold we person come. I look guardant to reasoning of caller ways to entertain our fans for the adjacent 30 years to come!

Uekaya: 30 years is simply a agelong time, but I don't deliberation it is an exaggeration to accidental that the enactment for Sonic is simply a testament to each of the members of the team. I look guardant to sharing the NOW with our fans, and unneurotic with the fans sharing the amusive times successful the future.

Senoue: I judge the past 30 years person been built alongside our fans, truthful I would truly similar to observe with everyone for making this happen. Happy 30th Anniversary Sonic!!

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