Testosterone's Ties to Success May Be a Myth

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By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

THURSDAY, July 29, 2021 (HealthDay News) -- Higher levels of testosterone don't springiness men oregon women an borderline successful life, claims a caller survey that challenges a communal belief.

"There's a wide content that a person's testosterone tin impact wherever they extremity up successful life. Our results suggest that, contempt a batch of mythology surrounding testosterone, its societal implications whitethorn person been overstated," said Amanda Hughes, a elder probe subordinate successful epidemiology astatine the University of Bristol Medical School successful England.

In the study, her squad analyzed information from much than 306,000 British adults. The researchers archetypal identified familial variants linked to higher testosterone levels -- noting that radical are calved with these variants. They said it's improbable the variants are affected by extracurricular biology factors.

As successful erstwhile studies, this 1 recovered that higher testosterone levels successful men were associated with higher household income, surviving successful a wealthier neighborhood, higher levels of education, having a skilled job, amended wellness and greater risk-taking behavior. Meanwhile, higher testosterone levels successful women were associated with little household income, surviving successful a poorer neighborhood, little acquisition and poorer health.

However, determination was small grounds that testosterone-linked familial variants were linked with immoderate result for men oregon women, meaning it's improbable that testosterone importantly affects socioeconomic position, wellness oregon risk-taking successful men oregon women, according to the study.

The findings bespeak that testosterone whitethorn beryllium overmuch little important than antecedently claimed, the researchers concluded.

"There is grounds from [previous] experiments that testosterone tin marque a idiosyncratic much assertive oregon much apt to instrumentality risks --- traits which tin beryllium rewarded successful the labour market, for lawsuit during wage negotiations. But determination are different explanations," Hughes said successful a assemblage quality release.

"For example, a nexus betwixt higher testosterone and occurrence mightiness simply bespeak an power of bully wellness connected both. Alternatively, socioeconomic circumstances could impact testosterone levels," she explained. "A person's cognition of their ain occurrence could power testosterone: In studies of sports matches, testosterone has been recovered to emergence successful the victor compared to the loser."

The findings were published July 28 successful the diary Science Advances.

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SOURCE: University of Bristol, quality release, July 28, 2021

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