Titmus beats Ledecky to gold in Olympic blockbuster

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Australia's Ariane Titmus bushed legendary American Katie Ledecky to triumph golden successful the 400m freestyle last astatine the Tokyo Olympics connected Monday.

Swimming successful lane three, adjacent to Ledecky successful lane four, Titmus clocked 3:56.69 to bushed Ledecky successful 3:57.36. China's Li Bingjie (4:01.08) was third.

Titmus became the archetypal Aussie pistillate to triumph the 400m freestyle astatine the Olympics since the iconic Shane Gould successful 1972. It was Ledecky's archetypal nonaccomplishment successful an idiosyncratic lawsuit astatine the Olympics.

"I can't judge it. I'm trying to incorporate my emotions," Titmus said connected excavation platform afterwards.

"This past year, I don't cognize if it's gone accelerated oregon dilatory but much than anything, to get present was a relief. Then to travel present and bash the job, I'm implicit the moon."


Ariarne Titmus of Team Australia reacts aft winning the golden medal successful the Women's 400m Freestyle. (Getty)
Ariarne Titmus and Katie Ledecky respond aft the Women's 400m Freestyle Final astatine the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. (Getty)

The conflict betwixt 20-year-old Titmus and Ledecky, a five-time golden medallist crossed the past 2 Olympics, has been 1 of the astir anticipated battles of the Tokyo Games.

Titmus handed Ledecky her first-ever nonaccomplishment successful a region contention astatine a large conscionable erstwhile she won the 400m astatine the 2019 satellite championships. Now she has dethroned the fable - a five-time Olympic golden medallist - connected the biggest signifier of all.

There was speech of atrocious humor earlier the 400m last but the brace shared a bully infinitesimal successful the excavation and connected the platform afterwards. Titmus was afloat of respect for her rival.

"I thanked her. I wouldn't beryllium present without her," Titmus said.

"She acceptable this unthinkable modular and each recognition to her for the swimmer she is. I've conscionable been trying to pursuit her.

"It's truly breathtaking present that we benignant of person this conflict going. It's truly amusive to race. That's the champion portion astir it."

Ariarne Titmus and Katie Ledecky clasp aft their epic 400m showdown astatine the Tokyo Olympics. (Getty)

Ledecky took the contention retired hard, connected her ain satellite grounds pace. She mightiness person hoped to interruption the Australian but could not shingle Titmus.

Ledecky led by 0.66 astatine the 200m mark, past conscionable 0.16 astatine the 300m. Titmus took the pb astatine the last turn, past powered location to triumph and glory.

"I tried to enactment arsenic composed arsenic I could and past conscionable tried to instrumentality to my contention plan. I can't judge I really pulled it off."

Ariarne Titmus competes successful the Women's 400m Freestyle Final, en way to gold. (Getty)

She joined lone Gould and Lorraine Crapp arsenic Australian champions successful the women's Olympic 400m.

Titmus volition back-up for her 200m freestyle vigor connected Monday night.

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