Trump Trashes His Big Lie By Spending Nothing On 2020 Election Review

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Trump’s ace PAC has raised $75 cardinal disconnected of the large lie, and nary of it has been spent connected reviewing the 2020 election.

The Washington Post reported:

Former president Donald Trump’s governmental PAC raised astir $75 million successful the archetypal fractional of this twelvemonth arsenic helium trumpeted the mendacious conception that the 2020 predetermination was stolen from him, but the radical has not devoted funds to assistance concern the ongoing ballot reappraisal successful Arizona oregon to propulsion for akin endeavors successful different states, according to radical acquainted with the finances.

Instead, the Save America enactment PAC — which has fewer limits connected however it tin walk its wealth — has paid for immoderate of the erstwhile president’s travel, ineligible costs and staff, on with different expenses, according to the people, who spoke connected the information of anonymity to picture the group’s interior workings. The PAC has held onto overmuch of its cash.

Trump’s Spending Debunks The Big Lie

Trump thinks that helium is projecting spot by having a large ace PAC slope account, but by refusing to walk a azygous penny to bankroll immoderate of the efforts to reappraisal the 2020 election, the failed erstwhile president is admitting that the predetermination was morganatic and helium lost.

The large prevarication is simply a selling gimmick conscionable similar his program to physique a partition on the confederate border.

It is ever much important to travel what Trump does, not what helium says, and his actions uncover that helium knows that helium mislaid the election. He knows that determination is nary worth successful spending wealth connected ballot audits. The existent wealth for Trump has ever been successful keeping his supporters fooled due to the fact that if they ever look down the curtain, they volition spot a small antheral who is robbing them blind.

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