WATCH: Geraldo Doubles Down, if You Come Into my House Unvaccinated, I’ll Kick Your A*s

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This week, galore Conservative outlets and lawmakers began to crook against those Americans who person chosen to stay unvaccinated. Of course, plentifulness of Fox anchors person continued to refers to endangering one’s assemblage arsenic a “choice.”

Geraldo Rivera, present the dependable of crushed connected Fox’s The Five, has continually raged against this talking point. In fact, the pundit said connected Wednesday that anyone unvaxxed radical expecting to transverse his doorway could expect a footwear successful the as*.

After big Katie Pavlich whined astir vaccine passports, Rivera responded, “I deliberation little of radical who are not vaccinated. I deliberation it’s an arrogant, selfish, reckless act. I person 5 grandchildren, each nether the property of 12, who are susceptible to idiosyncratic sneezing connected them.”

Geraldo doubles down, if you travel into my location unvaccinated, I'll footwear your ass.

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) July 28, 2021

Geraldo continued, “I deliberation it is perfectly truthful selfish, that it is appalling. Sometimes the authorities has to tell, not ask. The authorities has to archer close now. I privation radical to person to show, erstwhile I spell to the bar, I privation to cognize everybody is vaccinated. Or person the test. Here is my antagonistic test, present it is, and each week it has to beryllium updated.”

While galore Fox hosts person called for radical to get vaccinated, Rivera is the lone big to telephone for unvaccinated radical to go ostracized. The connection nighttime not onshore with astir Fox viewers, but it is appreciated.

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