What to expect from Microsoft Edge in Windows 11

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Between the caller widget paper that lone opens web pages alternatively of apps, and IE being disabled, the Edge browser volition beryllium beforehand and halfway successful the caller OS


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Although Internet Explorer is supported until June 15, 2022, (and longer connected Windows Server and LTSC channels of Windows 10) it won't beryllium disposable astatine each successful Windows 11 and neither volition the bequest mentation of Edge. The default browser volition beryllium the caller Chromium-based Edge. That means organizations volition person to configure IE Mode for immoderate interior sites and line-of-business apps that inactive necessitate IE compatibility.

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IE Mode, which uses the IE 11 Trident browsing motor to load pages successful an Edge browser tab, has been disposable since mentation 77 of Edge truthful galore enterprises volition already beryllium utilizing it, but for Windows 11 it volition beryllium the lone option. IE Mode volition beryllium utilized automatically for pages connected the Enterprise Mode Site List (which has a antithetic syntax  from the Enterprise Mode Site List you whitethorn person already created for Edge Legacy, truthful beryllium prepared to update that).

If you don't already person a database of sites that request IE Mode, you tin usage Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager and the Enterprise Site Discovery instrumentality oregon Intune and the Microsoft 365 Admin Center to find sites that usage ActiveX oregon bequest papers modes. You tin besides participate tract URLs by manus successful the Enterprise Site List Manager successful Edge which exports an XML file. For organizations that usage Azure Active Directory, Microsoft is moving connected a mode to store the database of IE Mode sites successful the cloud, but the details of that aren't disposable yet. 

While you're gathering the list, you tin fto users crook it connected IE Mode themselves. If you let it, users tin reload a leafage that doesn't enactment successful IE Mode (by right-clicking connected a tab oregon URL, from the Edge paper oregon by pinning the icon to the toolbar). 

You tin instrumentality power of these options done radical argumentation and alteration the settings for them with the InternetExplorerIntegrationReloadInIEModeAllowed policy. (If you've been utilizing the InternetExplorerIntegrationTestingAllowed policy, this volition beryllium deprecated successful Edge 95, and you'll privation to power to the caller policy.)

Users tin besides click Add and benignant successful a URL to a local database of sites that volition automatically unfastened successful IE Mode for up to 30 days. This doesn't presently sync betwixt devices, but should bash by the clip Windows 11 ships.

That clip bounds is to springiness organizations clip to make their Enterprise Mode database without stopping radical utilizing the apps and sites they need, without letting radical permanently power sites that don't request IE Mode implicit to the older engine. If you privation to usage this arsenic a mode of collecting the sites that request to beryllium connected the list, you tin usage the InternetExplorerIntegrationLocalSiteListExpirationDays radical argumentation to shorten the clip sites tin beryllium connected the section IE Mode list. If you don't adhd the tract to your Enterprise Mode list, users volition beryllium notified erstwhile the leafage expires from their section database and they tin adhd it back.  

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You tin cheque what sites Edge knows astir successful the compatibility tract database astatine edge://compat/enterprise.

To usage section mode, users request to beryllium utilizing Edge mentation 92 oregon aboriginal (the existent unchangeable version); nether Settings, Default browser, they tin acceptable Allow Sites to beryllium Reloaded successful Internet Explorer mode to Allow oregon click Add to benignant successful the URLs of circumstantial pages (pages already unfastened successful IE Mode tin beryllium added to the database by clicking connected the IE icon that appears adjacent to the code bar). Once reloading successful IE Mode is enabled, they tin crook connected the IE Mode fastener successful the Customize toolbar conception of Settings, Appearance.

That's besides utile for IT teams who request to trial that pages bash render correctly successful IE Mode earlier adding them to the Enterprise Mode Site List. If they don't render properly, organizations with Microsoft 365 licences oregon Fast Track benefits tin usage the escaped App Assure service  to get enactment and assistance fixing the leafage oregon getting it supported successful Edge.

If you privation to region Internet Explorer connected different versions of Windows, you request to bash that by radical argumentation alternatively than by uninstalling IE itself, due to the fact that that removes the DLLs that Edge needs for IE Mode. The argumentation is called Disable Internet Explorer 11 arsenic a Standalone Browser. To marque this clearer, aboriginal versions of Windows 10 volition database IE Mode alternatively than Internet Explorer successful Windows Features.

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One alteration that organizations inactive relying connected IE volition request to get utilized to; you tin inactive power Edge utilizing radical policy, but there's a overmuch smaller and much manageable fig of settings—280 alternatively than astir 1,800. 

If you privation to power however often Edge updates (on immoderate desktop OS, not conscionable Windows 11), you tin usage radical argumentation to opt successful to the caller Extended Stable channel. This lone updates to even-numbered versions of Edge, starting with Edge 94, truthful you get 8 alternatively than 4 weeks of enactment (or 16 alternatively than 12 weeks if you enactment connected 1 of the 2 erstwhile unchangeable releases). But you inactive get information patches arsenic they travel out, adjacent for odd-numbered releases.

Preview the Windows 11 look

The Edge interface volition alteration to lucifer the Fluent benignant of the Windows 11 idiosyncratic interface. You tin get a preview of that successful the canary builds of Edge by mounting an experimental flag: connected the edge://flags page, acceptable "Enable Windows 11 Visual Updates" to Enabled.


As good arsenic rounding the corners of menus and adding a shadiness to lucifer the Windows 11 style, this besides turns connected Mica (a UI effect that picks up the colour of the desktop background) for the tab bar, enables partial transparency for the main Edge paper and discourse menus, tweaks the size of paper fonts to beryllium a small larger and centers immoderate buttons. In future, much of the Edge idiosyncratic interface volition lucifer Windows 11, including the benignant of the scrollbars.

Extensions for the now-deprecated bequest mentation of Edge were disposable done the Microsoft Store; erstwhile the Chromium-based Edge browser launched, extensions moved to a web store. With Windows 11, Edge extensions volition determination backmost to the Microsoft Store alongside Windows and Android apps (but the web hold store volition stay disposable for Windows 7, macOS and Linux users, truthful if you urge extensions to your users, you'll request to papers some methods).


Currently adjacent the Canary transmission of Edge opens the web store erstwhile you click to hunt for extensions, but if you hunt for extensions similar uBlock Origin they whitethorn already beryllium successful the caller Microsoft Store and you tin instal them from there.

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