Where to buy Splinterlands: SPS up over 100% after private token sale

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NFT crippled Splinterlands sold 6.6% of SPS tokens this week, starring to a 104% rally today

NFT-based trading paper crippled Splinterlands successfully raised implicit $3 million via a backstage token merchantability this week, starring to a rally of implicit 100% for the recently issued token. 6.6% of the full proviso was reported to person been included successful the sale, and the tokens were bought up by crypto task funds arsenic good arsenic different crippled studios and incubators.

Keep connected speechmaking to find the champion spot to bargain Splinterlands today, and to larn much astir the project.

How & wherever to bargain Splinterlands successful the UK and elsewhere

Splinterlands has conscionable launched its SPS token, meaning that investors who bargain present volition beryllium among the archetypal to ever person SPS successful their wallets. If you privation to commencement trading cryptocurrency today, motion up with 1 of our partners below, money your account, and commencement investing. All of our recommended platforms are afloat regulated, meaning you tin slumber soundly knowing your funds are successful harmless hands.


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What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands brings trading paper games into the 21st century. Cards are minted arsenic NFTs (nonfungible tokens), meaning players tin genuinely ain integer cards successful the aforesaid mode they would carnal ones. Splinterlands aims to further amended upon existent integer paper crippled offerings by introducing a play-to-earn strategy wherever players gain crypto rewards depending connected their in-game show (almost $300,000 successful tourney prizes has been awarded).

The caller token sale, worthy much than $3 million, shows that involvement successful the crippled is high. Splinterlands’ SPS token, besides known arsenic “Splintershards”, volition beryllium utilized to ballot connected governance proposals successful the games ecosystem, arsenic good arsenic to entree peculiar in-game promotions and events.

Should I bargain SPS today?

SPS is rallying hard astatine the infinitesimal owed to its caller launch. Some investors whitethorn privation to hold for the hype to dice down, whereas immoderate whitethorn look to capitalise connected the existent momentum to compression retired further gains. Token launches person historically been some bully and atrocious times to invest.

As a agelong word prospect, however, SPS looks similar it has potential. Each token presently costs little than $1 ($0.79), and if Splinterlands becomes arsenic fashionable arsenic immoderate different aspects of the NFT and blockchain-gaming ecosystem, SPS tokens could go invaluable assets successful the future. Believers successful the NFT gyration volition surely privation to see buying SPS today.

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