Zen and the Art of Bikini-Line Maintenance

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woman wearing bikini bottoms

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Where precisely the bikini enactment mightiness beryllium has wavered considerably decennary to decade, and we’ve arrived astatine a spot wherever anything—from minimal trimming to maximal waxing—goes. “For excessively long, the lone bikini-grooming regular that was considered ‘normal’ for women was afloat hairsbreadth removal,” says Laura Schubert, cofounder of Fur, a cleanable enactment of pubic hairsbreadth and tegument products. “It’s important to america that we validate the bush arsenic a morganatic assemblage hairsbreadth expression. If you take to support each your assemblage hairsbreadth oregon immoderate of it arsenic an look of your identity, that’s great, too! Everyone crossed the sex spectrum should consciousness empowered to marque up their ain caput connected their assemblage hair, which is wherefore we enactment truthful hard to normalize each grooming routines arsenic as valid options. Why shouldn’t state of look widen to assemblage hair?”

Whether you similar to err connected the broadside of creaseless and hairless oregon similar to experimentation with thing much bushy and ’70s-inspired, determination are immoderate brilliant, cleanable ways to support the bikini portion escaped of irritation and ingrowns.


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    goop Beauty GOOPGLOW Microderm Instant Glow EXFOLIATOR goop, $125/$112 with subscription


“Any benignant of pubic hairsbreadth oregon bikini-line regimen starts with exfoliation,” says Schubert. She likes a scrub with some chemic and carnal exfoliation (we included some successful our Microderm exfoliating scrub for the look for the aforesaid reason—the 2 optimize each different for amended results). “We made our scrub with effect enzymes and glycolic and lactic acids to burrow heavy into your pores and support them wide of excess sebum and different debris, and we added jojoba beads to slough it each distant and creaseless retired the wide texture. When your pores are clogged, your hairsbreadth isn’t capable to turn up and out, truthful it curls inward and results successful an ingrown. When your tegument is wide and healthy, your hairsbreadth tin turn much comfortably,” Schubert says. “About 10 minutes earlier I commencement moving my shower, I enactment it connected arsenic a mask, truthful the acids person a accidental to spell to work.”

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    goop Beauty G.TOX Ultimate Dry Brush goop, $20


Exfoliating often—the much you bash it betwixt treatments, the better—prevents a buildup of adust skin, which tin successful crook make ingrowns. Schubert exfoliates 2 oregon 3 times a week but says the close magnitude of exfoliation for you depends connected however delicate your tegument is. “If you person delicate skin, your exfoliator whitethorn conscionable beryllium a bully adust brush, followed by a almighty serum. If you person rougher skin, you mightiness privation a stronger exfoliator. No 2 tegument types are the same, truthful instrumentality clip to experimentation until you find the close fit,” she says.


  1. Fur Ingrown Eliminator Mitts, goop, $22

    Fur Ingrown Eliminator Mitts goop, $22


If your tegument is peculiarly prone to redness, bumps, oregon itching, Schubert recommends a attraction with soothing ingredients. Her peculiar mitts for ingrowns, soaked successful a soothing, exfoliating serum made with salicylic acid, witch hazel, and aloe-leaf juice, are designed for this purpose. “The longer you spell betwixt sessions, the worse ingrowns tin get,” says Schubert. “For the aforesaid reason, I deliberation a batch of radical are experiencing itching close now, and the mitts are large for that.”


  1. Fur Fur Oil, goop, $46

    Fur Fur Oil goop, $46


“Once you determination done that archetypal itchy, reddish ingrown phase, past you privation to information your pubic hairsbreadth to assistance marque it softer and much manageable,” says Schubert. Her oil—made with grape effect and jojoba, vitamins A and E, and beverage histrion oil—is designed to assistance soften, soothe, and calm some tegument and hair. “Immediately aft your ablution oregon bath, use it to immoderate hairsbreadth you’d similar to soften and immoderate tegument that could usage a small other hydration and clarity,” she says.

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    FROMM Explore 5.75″ Shears goop, $14


“Over time, you should spot less ingrowns, smoother skin, and softer hair. And honestly, I deliberation it’s a chill accidental to turn hairsbreadth that you mightiness not otherwise,” Schubert says. “You tin ever instrumentality it disconnected later. Just fto the hairsbreadth turn naturally! But if you’d similar to execute a sleeker look, we urge utilizing clean, crisp trimming scissors—not the ones you usage to unfastened packages—or an physics trimmer with a defender to find nonstop length.”


Whether you’re conscionable keeping things neat oregon you’re entertaining a large hair-removal operation, Schubert has immoderate superb tips.

  1. Fur Shave Cream, goop, $28

    Fur Shave Cream goop, $28


“The close shaving pick creates a buffer to support your skin, and the incorrect one—conventional foams successful particular—can beryllium truly drying, with perchance irritating fillers and chemicals,” says Schubert.

  1. Flamingo Razor, goop, $9

    Flamingo Razor goop, $9


“Always shave with the grain, arsenic opposed to against,” says Schubert. “And portion this seems obvious, it’s important: Use a crisp razor. In general, you should regenerate the leaf each clip you shave that area, particularly if you’re precise ingrown-prone. Safety razors are large for this, and they’re much sustainable.”

  1. Fur Stubble Cream, goop, $48

    Fur Stubble Cream goop, $38


“After shaving, travel with a bladed furniture of stubble cream—Fur’s is made with skin-softening olive extracts, beverage histrion oil, and lavender oil—to support tegument creaseless and soften regrowth,” says Schubert.


For those waxing astatine location oregon successful a salon, prep and aftercare are crucial, says Elizabeth Taylor, the proprietor of True Beauty Brooklyn spa.

“Always prep the country you are going to wax by cleaning it with wipes oregon an antiseptic solution,” says Taylor. “Then usage a tiny magnitude of fast-absorbing oil—like Fur Oil, grape seed, oregon jojoba—to moisturize your skin. Next, usage a cleanable cloth oregon arrowroot pulverization to blot disconnected immoderate excess oil. You privation the wax to prime up lone your assemblage hair, but erstwhile the tegument is dry, the wax tin adhere to it much and origin achy results.”

“Afterward, exfoliate your tegument 3 times a week with a gentle scrub to support your tegument and hairsbreadth regenerating connected a rhythm wherever the follicle is escaped to breathe,” says Taylor.

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